How to Convert Word file into PDF

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If you have a desktop or laptop mostly we do our work mostly on word documents. Well if it was for proposal, assignments, lectures and soon but sometimes we need it to converts in pdf format. Because pdf file are smaller in size and can be access from your mobile or tablets phones... Read More »

Top 5 Notepad Tricks You Should Know

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Notepad is a common Text- only plain editor especially plain text. This is the one things that all PC user can do easily. Its format is simple enabling you to make easier and faster of editing any documents. It was first developed by Microsoft Windows as multi-tooled Notepad focusing more on mouse-based text editor... Read More »

How to Manage your Secure Notes

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To tell you the truth I am an Introvert type of person since my childhood. I like to hold my feelings, stuff anything related to me personal. I ain’t bother sharing with anyone so goes to my family. Why should I share, I have my own ideas,plans, ways than why bother others? Well it is not only about Introvert but for many reasons people like to hide their stuffs, information that they want to share... Read More »